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Cellulose acetate spectacle frame popular

Feb 15, 2017

According to the 2014 frames according to a recent report, once-popular cellulose nitrate material because of its combustible nature, have completely disappeared from the market. Instead is small today will bring acetate frame material. Cellulose acetate itself is the problem in order to improve the celluloid, flammable, and accidentally invented out of raw material, therefore, not easy to burn is one of the advantages of cellulose acetate. Combustion characteristics of cellulose acetate is not easy, this material is almost not affected by the ultraviolet color, can be used to keep the frames of gloss, therefore, cellulose acetate, the majority of consumers of all ages, become the new revolutionary leader in the frame material material.
Cellulose acetate spectacle frame can be subdivided into two, one is the cellulose acetate sheets, other is cellulose acetate plastic. Acetate fiber plate frame with cotton, wool, chemical processing into powder processing became large plate, hardness, and style beauty, on application and protective glasses, using subject for young people in General. And cellulose acetate injection is lower cost, hardness, used for decorative frames, using the subject as the fashion crowd, used to show personality playing with fashion.