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Glasses industry quality and safety issues can not be ignored

Apr 12, 2018

In recent years, with the improvement of education level, the popularity of electronic products and the doubling of information, the rate of nearsightedness among young people has been rising year after year. At the same time, the industry of spectacles has developed rapidly. The problem of quality and safety of glasses has become increasingly prominent. This article mainly analyzes the outstanding quality and safety of glasses. Problems and prevention and control measures to raise public awareness of eye health prevention, and to do a good job of monitoring the eyewear industry, to avoid the potential safety risks of eyeglasses from the source.

Outstanding issue

The price of optical industry is high and there is huge profits. The professional eyewear industry is strong. Consumers can't distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the lenses and frames through the appearance. Optical shops often shoddy and fake brand names.

Glasses operators cooperate with hospitals and universities to conduct irregular business operations. Many hospitals and eyewear operators use the visual rehabilitation center with public welfare as a tool to make money, and some non-ophthalmologists also look for glasses in optical shops. Now university logistics groups have set up business premises in schools. Some optical shops have no business licenses and production licenses in the school. Instruments and equipment have not undergone metrological verification and have been operating illegally.

The prescription of glasses is not standardized and the management in the shop is disorderly. The preparation of glasses is closely related to the professional quality of technicians and the standardized management of operators. A pair of qualified glasses to go through optometry, vision correction, adaptation, selection lens frame, and finally the preparation of adjustment and many other processes, the level of optometrists directly affect the vision correction and comfort of glasses. We learned from a number of optical shops. Although many optical shop operators are qualified as optometrists, they often do not prepare eyeglasses at the place of business. Those who prepare eyeglasses at the store do not have an induction card. Some stores do not have a management system. Corresponding cultural level technicians.

The awareness of product quality is not enough. The Bureau of Quality Supervision assumes the supervision of the optical industry. Faced with the operators of the optical industry, it can be said that the work of the quality supervision task is heavy and the responsibility is high. Because most optical shop operators are decentralized self-employed, most of them still remain in the passive waiting management level. They can't consciously detect their own glasses products and preparation equipment. This is also the reason why the product quality of the optical industry needs to be improved.