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How to identify the authenticity of alias glasses? Pure titanium frame advantages and identification

May 03, 2018

Titanium has good corrosion resistance, similar to platinum, and its excellent mechanical properties. Used in the glasses frame is to take it light, flexible, corrosion-resistant and so on. However, the production costs of titanium and titanium alloy glasses are very high. They require high buckling, punching, cutting and welding, and are not easy to be welded and plated. Welding must be done in vacuum. So the price is more expensive, only for medium-to-high-end glasses frames.

Titanium metal has been favored by more and more consumers for its advantages of lightness, corrosion resistance, anti-allergy, high strength and so on. With the development of titanium materials and the maturing of processing technology, titanium titanium, titanium titanium, titanium memory, and many other titanium-based frames have appeared on the market. Among them, the pure titanium material frame purity requirements of 99.9% (without gaskets, screws, stipules and leg sets), its full name is known as PURE TITANIUM, or abbreviated as Ti-P and so on. However, some manufacturers have also carried out the above identification on some non-pure titanium or titanium alloy materials under the drive of interests. In addition, the discriminating ability of pure titanium frames by consumers has been insufficient, resulting in the appearance of frames after consumers wear titanium frames. Rust, skin allergies and other phenomena harm the interests of consumers. Here are some simple ways to identify pure titanium frames.

1. The weight of the handrail is usually about 8.9g/cm3 for the alloy frame and 4.5g/cm3 for the pure titanium frame. Since the weight of the titanium material is equivalent to half that of the alloy frame, it is lighter by hand. This is one of the easiest ways to distinguish titanium frames from non-titanium frames.

    2. Observe the welding points of the nasal pedestal and the nasal septum. The welding of pure titanium material is vacuum and oxygenless welding. Here, the welding mark is “step”, the welding of alloy material is spot welding, and the welding mark is “slope”. "This is one of the effective ways to distinguish between titanium frames and non-titanium frames."

    3. Observe whether there are gaskets at the joints of the hinges. The titanium frames should not be directly contacted with titanium and titanium at the hinges. Otherwise, wrinkles at the joints and poor jointing of the temples may occur. Two thin spacers are usually mounted on the hinge of the titanium frame to separate the upper and lower hinges. Therefore, checking whether or not the gasket is at the hinge is also a good way to identify whether the titanium frame is pure.

    4. Use a magnet to make a magnetic response, loosen the hinges of the frame as much as possible, and use a magnet to attract the magnets in a freely moving state. If the temples are shaken by the magnets, the frame is not a pure titanium material. Otherwise, it indicates that The frame may be a pure titanium frame.

Titanium and titanium alloys belong to space materials and are silver white. They are light in weight, have good corrosion resistance, high toughness, high melting point, acid and alkali resistance, high stability, good affinity to human body, and the surface can be beautifully anodized. Features such as color have been applied to the frame industry since the early 1980s and are still popular high-quality metal frames.

     In order to improve the strength, elasticity, weldability and other properties, titanium, vanadium, molybdenum, niobium and other elements are often added to the titanium metal to form a titanium alloy. Pure titanium means that the composition of titanium is more than 99%. Pure titanium materials have some difficulties in mechanical processing, welding, electroplating, etc., which makes the application of titanium limited. In the price, there is a big gap between the pure titanium frame and the titanium alloy frame. To prevent the unscrupulous traders from using the titanium alloy frame as a pure titanium frame, consumers can refer to the following description for identification. Titanium eyeglass frames, according to the type of titanium use, respectively, with the abbreviated form carved on the frame, usually on the temples, as long as everyone pays attention, it is easy to distinguish.