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How to use glasses decorated face

Feb 15, 2017

1. round face: you need linear or angular frames to weaken your profile, use the sense of deep, subtle color lenses to reduce obesity, makes the face look more exquisite.
2. square face: contrast with round face, you need some round corner, streamlined styles to set off your lives of extraordinary temperament.
3. triangular face shape: Please try to avoid using frames, square frames, since it would seem on the face width and narrow, thin frames, rounded frame, bright colors for the best.
4.Black oval face: you are born for sunglasses, Oh. No matter what style suits you, look at the size proportions can.
5. oblong face: sunglasses you are best suited to a larger frame, so you can fill small defects of the face, make face look more delicate colors dominated by dark.