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Light up glasses,Flashing glasses,Blinking glasses,Led eyeglasses

Jul 14, 2018

1. illumine glasses/Flashing glasses/Blinking glasses/Led eyeglasses ar very talked-about shine glasses, by fifteen light-emitting diode lamp composition, make a choice from the colors of rainbow: emerald, blue, orange, white, purple, red, pink or yellow, with totally different flash mode.

2. once used throughout the day, illumine glasses/Flashing glasses/Blinking glasses/Led eyeglasses ar as sensible as general and wear optical glasses. once used in the dead of night, switched on, will build wide light-emitting diode lights glowing within the frame, attract plenty of attention, then those glasses ar rather more stunning than general optical glasses, and conjointly play roles of shut lighting.

3. several lights cycle flashing mode, will tear open outfit batteries, simple to control, adults and kids ar appropriate for the planning of damage.

4. Night for you, to create move feeling, outstanding individual character, use convenient, carry lightweight, bright and colourful, terribly modern, quite enticing.

5. 2 CR2032 battery, obtainable for replacement.

6. you'll use your own emblem as you would like.

7. Vivid style, will be used as glasses or leisure decoration, will block intense daylight throughout daytimeFeature Articles, and flash style.

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