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Sunglasses care

Feb 15, 2017

Glowing sunglasses keep you active in the Sun, so free. Lens manufacturers introduced sunglasses withstand sunlight, can stop pollution damage, so be careful care, that face guabuzhu Oh. Maintenance sunglasses glasses like maintenance, cleaning, collection and folded, storage get into the habit. But often tuotuo wear sunglasses is not careful it can scratch, so there are some small details to remind you: sunglasses when there is a glue stain, don't use a nail to dig, it will easily scratch surface.
Sunglasses manufacturer, when not wearing Sun glasses, many will easily hung on the head, neck, or Pocket, not too much the range of motion of the body, so as not to break or crash. Or someone will put in the bag, it is recommended that you first put into after hard glasses case, then put back into the bag, so as not to be keys, combs, coins and other small objects-wear lenses, or contamination to the lipstick and other cosmetics.