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Tide spectacle frames, most popular tide eyeglasses frames

Feb 15, 2017

Style: big box picture frame
Large-frame glasses is always special fire in recent years, large-frame glasses with its frame design, captured the hearts of countless young people. Clip frames more skillfully covered face, cosmetic face, face more petite. Whether it is fine or thick line design line design, the integration of modern technology, exquisite workmanship and material advantages can be well reflected, particularly in black and Leopard-print color, personality is bright, modern atmosphere, fashion style.
Retro style: round frame
This style of frames to simple of design mainly, no those cumbersome of decorative, more focused on Yu will material of color sense and texture perfect fusion, show out fine of retro beauty, color more to black mainly, nostalgia of feel is strong, but now of retro glasses more of also thaw Yu has modern of fashion style, styling Shang, box shaped of design has change, in round of based Shang is has must of change, slightly edges, can modified soft of face line sense, for more of people wearing.