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Acetate Eyeglasses Reflecting The Social Class High, Elegant Knowledge, Fashion

Jun 12, 2017

Acetate Eyeglasses Most people are, directly with glasses cloth to wipe the lens, and some people directly with clothes to wipe glasses, in fact, this is not desirable, glasses cloth is not used to wipe glasses

Usually there are a lot of dust particles on the lens, if the cloth directly with glasses cloth dry, glasses cloth will let these dust particles, rub back and forth on the lens, similar to the sandpaper on the lens back and forth friction

, A long time on the damage to the lens can be imagined.White cloth is mainly used to pack glasses, with the eyes of the cloth wrapped in glasses, so inside the glasses box, you can avoid the lens of glasses and glasses box friction above Speaking of glasses cleaning is necessary.

The culture of glasses fully reflects the cultural characteristics of a country, national ideology, morality, values, beliefs, customs and habits, with the development of the historical era of culture and development. It is a combination of material and art, through a tangible way to reflect it. It reflects the progress of social civilization on the one hand, but also reflects the identity of the wearer, social status, ideas, hobbies and so on. The cultural connotation of the lens is mainly embodied in the excellent degree of the material,Acetate Eyeglasses the size of the lens, the curve, the combination and the color, the gloss and so on the fine degree. In ancient times, emperors, official home, rich and civilians used by the different glasses, reflecting the different cultural colors and connotations. In the modern, industrial, agricultural, business, learning, military and other social strata, men, women with a mirror, different styles, are embodied in people's ideological and cultural connotations.

From the lens function, it has to adjust the amount of light into the eyes, increase vision, protection

Eye safety and clinical treatment of eye disease. Excessive refractive errors caused by children with strabismus and headache with refractive abnormalities in patients with glasses can be treated after treatment. The function of the spectacle frame, in addition to its composition for the glasses to wear glasses on the eyes of the role of support,Acetate Eyeglasses it also has a beautiful, decorative. Modern pop stars stressed that glasses should be with the era of facial makeup and dress harmony, reflecting the social class high, elegant knowledge, fashion and so on the symbol.

With the rapid development of social technology, with the people's culture, living standards continue to improve, visual health work carried out, glasses in people's lives will play an important role in the field. "Experts say that the mirror for many people can be considered" just need ", so they will not because of some words to completely abandon the operation, on the contrary, will spend more energy to study,Acetate Eyeglasses to find a solution. But Mr. Cai Ruifang "seal knife" message gave him a blow, Mr. Sun has been concerned about the development of things until Cai Ruifang himself later explained "was misunderstood, do not continue to do LASIK is not Because LASIK is considered to be potentially dangerous or problematic, but there are other considerations. LASIK is the most safe and effective myopia surgery, can be very precise correction of the degree of myopia, Mr. Sun is more determined to their own determination to surgery.

1, the lens transmittance and optical uniformity test method: hand-held lens from the eyes about 30 cm, from the lens to observe the distance. If the vision is clear, no deformation, and slow movement without jump, indicating that the lens transparency and optical uniformity is better.

2, the optical center position test method: white paper with a fine line to draw a big cross, strokes to be clear and straight. Hand-held lenses, with one eye from the lens to observe the shape of cross-stroke. If the mirror mirror outside the stroke is not a line, can move the lens, so that the lens inside the cross strokes and the mirror into a line. With a soft pen in the lens observed in the center of the cross point a small point, this point is the optical center. After the two lenses point out the optical center,Acetate Eyeglasses observe the two sides of the optical center is symmetrical, and then use the ruler to measure the distance between the two centers is consistent with the prescription of the pupil distance. If the cross pen in the lens is bent, there is a quality problem with the lens.