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Metal Eyeglasses Innovative Revolutionary Design And Ideas

Jun 12, 2017

In the pursuit of simplicity of the contemporary, uncle who pursue the heart of luxury has never stopped. To this end, the designer will be dauntless spirit into the glasses and jewelry in the design, simple yet luxury. In the quarter of the glasses jewelry, looking ahead, high-end atmosphere on the grade of non-metallic frame is none other than.

Well versed in the way to wear the uncle know that a perfect match, the jewelry is essential to the existence of the Metal Eyeglasses just to meet the needs of the uncle. And the neck, the wrist between the jewelry as shiny frame, even in the simple dress will appear extravagant and extraordinary. Titanium alloy Metal Eyeglasses in recent years in the production of a qualitative leap in the metal material texture is the Metal Eyeglasses unique reason. However, to achieve this goal, the need for a very innovative and innovative design and ideas, while the need for more modern machines. The use of metal materials increasingly widely used in the production of frames is only the first step only in the LEON respected several designs, the metal material will still have a great stage.

There are many types of glasses, including a metal glasses frame, especially retro wild, the past few years in South Korea under the leadership of the more popular Ouba. Metal this thing we all know is very sensitive, it is more attention to the glasses as a frame, then the Metal Eyeglasses in the selection and wear when there is any attention to it?

The market has a galvanized frame posing as a galvanized frame. Plated frame and gold-plated frame compared to look dull and dull, and the use of two or three months later, the color is completely faded, while the yellow frame will not use a good material.

If you need to buy metal plus gold frames, do not be the number of frames on the frame by the number of K confused. In addition, the gold-plated mirror in the use of toxic gases do not contact, do not smoke, do not let the sweat left on the frame, to always wipe. If used properly, a pair of gold-plated frames for at least three years.

Metal is easy to make people allergies, Xiao Bian first to teach you two coup to prevent allergies.

1, according to their own models of glasses to buy plastic mirror sets of foot, set the mirror legs after the hair dryer heating, heating mirror after the sleeve will be reduced, completely wrapped mirror legs, so that can prevent metal direct contact with the skin.

2, with armor oil to contact the metal parts of the skin coated several times, each time interval for a period of time, and so completely dry and then continue.

Also specifically to remind the friend wearing metal glasses, call the time to pay attention, it is best not to talk for a long time, or left and right sides for listening. If you need frequent use of mobile phones, it is recommended to use non-metallic frame glasses. Metal glasses frame will obviously lead to enhanced electromagnetic field, so that the user's absorption of radiation increased. This is because the Metal Eyeglassess are a good conductor, it will be generated by the phone radiation into the eyes and brain, affecting vision.