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Acetate Eyeglasses Lens Quality And Timely Replacement

May 31, 2017

Acetate Eyeglasses  as an optical product, very delicate, after a period of time, not only the frame will be deformed, the lens quality will change. Should be scheduled to repair the mirror every six months, according to vision changes and timely replacement of the quality of the lens.

With Acetate Eyeglasses  is a strict medical behavior, it is important for people to provide a good visual quality, a long time out of sight Acetate Eyeglasses  is not only difficult to provide a clear image, more likely to make the original healthy eyes such as visual fatigue and other functional eye disease.

The consequences of the deformation of the frame

After a long time wearing Acetate Eyeglasses , the frame will be deformed. It is possible to make Acetate Eyeglasses  lens optical center and the human eye pupil center is difficult to coincide, it will produce a triangular prism effect, people see the object image displacement, wearing a mirror can only adjust their own, such as crooked Acetate Eyeglasses  to see the true face of the object Head, thereby exacerbating eye fatigue, such as long-term wear will make vision loss, serious will happen strabismus.

Lens changes to be careful

A good lens with a base embryo white, light transmission rate, film color light, up and down the lens does not produce deformation of the characteristics of the material. Under normal circumstances, high-quality lenses using 2 to 3 years is still in good quality, and poor quality lenses, especially poor resin lens use time is difficult to more than 1 year. Wearing Acetate Eyeglasses  who once found the lens yellow, coating off and hair should be to the regular optical shop re-optometry with new Acetate Eyeglasses .