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Acetate Eyeglasses Long-term Wear Glasses Correction, To Prevent The Degree Of Deepening

Jun 21, 2017

Many myopia patients entangled in the Acetate Eyeglasses should not have been wearing, experts said that moderate myopia should be wearing Acetate Eyeglasses for a long time to correct, to prevent the degree of deepening, but moderate below myopia can be selected according to the need to wear or not wear. On the issue of wearing Acetate Eyeglasses, some people insist that Acetate Eyeglasses for a long time my eyes myopic deformation of the extreme impact of beauty, and some people adhere to the Acetate Eyeglasses for a while to wear will let the degree of myopia deepened, then in the end is always wearing Acetate Eyeglasses, or when necessary Is it better to wear?

Experts believe that myopia above moderate myopia has always been wearing Acetate Eyeglasses, so more convenient to live, there will not be some problems caused by not see, but also to avoid the deepening of myopia. So that the degree of myopia referred to as moderate myopia? Experts, the so-called moderate myopia is more than 300 degrees of myopia, if myopia in more than 300 degrees, it is good to be able to wear Acetate Eyeglasses.

Many people most believe in a word, that is, "wearing Acetate Eyeglasses for a long time, will lead to concave eyes, eyes protruding, it is very ugly." Experts said that in fact, with long-term Acetate Eyeglasses with Acetate Eyeglasses will not lead to prominent eyes, for a point of view, eye highlights is not because of long-term wearing Acetate Eyeglasses, but the relationship between high myopia.

Experts believe that the following is less than 300 degrees below the myopia, there is no need to have been wearing Acetate Eyeglasses, because one of the following myopia can not be seen because of life and cause trouble or crisis, and second there is no like High myopia as long as wearing Acetate Eyeglasses correction will increase the risk of myopia. If the degree is relatively shallow student family, can wear Acetate Eyeglasses when school, after school home to pick off, parents do not have to ask the child to wear Acetate Eyeglasses, of course, if someone is willing to wear Acetate Eyeglasses, there is no need for rigid requirements The Acetate Eyeglasses off. Do not wear Acetate Eyeglasses, can be decided according to my preferences.

Experts also reminded, not because of their low degree of myopia on the light to be lightly, to know, do not develop good habits with the eyes, often against the book is a couple of hours, do not relax the eyes, do not pay attention to the eyes of clean and Protection, myopia will be deepened. So we must pay attention to protect your eyes Oh!

Can not just wear someone else's frame Acetate Eyeglasses, each person's Acetate Eyeglasses lens degree, the distance between the two lenses optical center, the length of the mirror legs, nose pads are not the same height, so can not just take someone else's Acetate Eyeglasses wear.

Can not be forced to twist the framework of Acetate Eyeglasses frames, one hand pick, wearing Acetate Eyeglasses, the frame can be caused by uneven force caused by deformation of the Acetate Eyeglasses, so pick, wear Acetate Eyeglasses, be sure to use both hands. But also should always check the Acetate Eyeglasses on the frame of the screws are loose and the phenomenon of deformation of the frame. If you find the screws loose, to tighten in time to avoid falling off the lens.

Frame Acetate Eyeglasses frames can not be too loose or too tight, the distance between the two Acetate Eyeglasses legs, the curvature of the mirror legs to be appropriate, wearing Acetate Eyeglasses can not be too loose or too tight. Eyes must be on the lens of the optical center, otherwise it will produce prism effect, people appear visual deformation, dizziness, dizziness, eye soreness, fatigue and other symptoms, and even strabismus.

Lens stained or dirty things, dry and easy to wear polished lenses, it is recommended to rinse with water and then wipe the water with a special paper cloth dry cloth. When the lens is dirty, it is recommended to use a low concentration of neutral detergent cleaning, and then rinse with water rinse.

Wear Acetate Eyeglasses Acetate Eyeglasses Do not participate in strenuous exercise, because the strenuous exercise may crush the Acetate Eyeglasses, causing eye damage.

Acetate Eyeglasses should be picked up hands, placed on the table when the lens must be convex up, when not in the heating, stoves and other high temperature objects next to the summer when not in a closed car, and do not wear Acetate Eyeglasses to wash the sauna, Because the high temperature will make Acetate Eyeglasses deformation and damage the optical function of the lens.