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Acetate Eyeglasses Maintenance And Protection Of Knowledge

Jul 03, 2017

Many people know that life expectancy of Acetate EyeAcetate Eyeglasses, the general framework of the life of Acetate Eyeglasses without a concept. Many people said they feel uncomfortable to wear Acetate Eyeglasses will consider changing Acetate Eyeglasses. In fact, after prolonged use of the lens will be yellowing, clarity and light transmittance will be reduced. Resin lens wear resistance is poor, it will inevitably have wear scratches, which will cause eye fatigue, severe may also increase myopia.

The purpose of changing Acetate Eyeglasses has two: one is to adjust the degree, the second is "replacement."

How long does your Acetate Eyeglasses change? Is it a few months or years? Even until it is bad?

Everything has a shelf life, frames and lenses are the same. If more than the deadline, it is likely to cause vision loss, myopia accelerated. Acetate Eyeglasses need to be replaced on time, otherwise there will be some harm.

Most of the Acetate Eyeglasses when durable goods

"Frame Acetate Eyeglasses of course more suitable than Acetate EyeAcetate Eyeglasses, there is no month to throw, throw the provisions of the year, so I now this frame Acetate Eyeglasses with fast for two years." As long as no bad, they generally do not change Acetate Eyeglasses. Do you want to buy it?

A few days ago to see a place on the sale of a variety of reading Acetate Eyeglasses, come to buy a lot of older people. And is to buy reading Acetate Eyeglasses, Mr. Lee told reporters that tens of dollars can be used for more than ten years, if not before the pair of reading Acetate Eyeglasses out, I will not come to buy.

Visitors found that many people regarded Acetate Eyeglasses as durable goods. If the lens has a little flower Acetate Eyeglasses, will still continue to use, only with bad, such as: damage to the spectacle frame or lens damage will replace the new.

Leading to myopia to deepen the pressure of the bridge of the nose

Recently found himself with Acetate Eyeglasses, also see not clear. I usually have to protect the Acetate Eyeglasses, especially the lens is not a trace of scratches. So he a check, but found that myopia increased.

In fact, the use of Acetate Eyeglasses for a long time, the frame will be deformed, become loose, oppression of the bridge of the nose; lenses will be yellow, if not protected, there will be a lot of scratches, so that your Acetate Eyeglasses more clearly, visually blurred So the lens also has a period of use.

Acetate Eyeglasses lens is clear, but also a direct impact on the wearer's Acetate Eyeglasses comfort. So how to determine the clarity of the lens? We can directly use the naked eye to see whether the color of the lens yellowing Whether there are traces and so on. If such a long-term wear of the lens will lead to myopia deepened.

So in the end the age of wearing Acetate Eyeglasses is how long?

"Many people who wear Acetate Eyeglasses that wear Acetate Eyeglasses is the most trouble, do not take the tube, and many do not know, Acetate Eyeglasses have its use period."

Adult myopia patients should be replaced twice a year Acetate Eyeglasses.

Ordinary resin lens normal life of about a year and a half, in this process, the Acetate Eyeglasses will wear, resulting in varying degrees of scratches, significantly affect the optical properties of the lens, resulting in low light transmittance, To inconvenience, deepen myopia. Especially the lens, there is a timely replacement of scratches.

Juvenile myopia best half a year to a year to replace the Acetate Eyeglasses.

Adolescents are eye-peaked, the degree of change is particularly fast. As long-term close eye, there will be ciliary muscle spasm, myopia is particularly easy to deepen. Learn too much tension with the young people to half a year optometry once (medical optometry), if the Acetate Eyeglasses are not suitable for myopia diopter changes, to timely replacement of Acetate Eyeglasses. Otherwise it is not only easy to cause myopia to deepen, but also affect student achievement.

Elderly reading Acetate Eyeglasses should also be replaced regularly.

Presbyopia is caused by the aging of the lens, with the increase in age, the degree of lens aging will increase, the required correction of the lens only a corresponding increase in order to adapt to the needs of the elderly daily life. But because the growth rate of the old flower is relatively slow, therefore, there is no strict sense of the provisions of reading Acetate Eyeglasses replacement time, but when the elderly wear Acetate Eyeglasses to read the newspaper feel hard, eyes sore discomfort, etc., should be replaced.

It is understood that, in addition to the above problems, many people opting to choose the street Acetate Eyeglasses shop casually with a pair of Acetate Eyeglasses trouble, the new Acetate Eyeglasses do not re-optometry, mirror frames are not timely adjustment, etc., will directly or indirectly affect vision, Therefore, whether with myopia or reading Acetate Eyeglasses, adults or young people, have to choose to the hospital for medical optometry, but also pay attention to understand the maintenance and protection of Acetate Eyeglasses knowledge.