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Acetate Eyeglasses Regular Check Of The Eyes

Jul 21, 2017

A pair of glasses hanging nose, a wear is for several years. You so glasses, "love", consider the feelings of the eyes?

In glasses this thing, many people are "special", do not wear lens damage, frame cracking, easy to change glasses.

Eyewear is based on the parameters of the eye at that time,Acetate Eyeglasses such as diopter, binocular vision function, visual correction degree, scientific precision calculation after tailored.

But a long time, the eyes of various parameters will change, may be equipped with glasses before, not suitable for the state of the eyes now.

Especially for children and adolescents, but also to pay attention. If you find the child squinting, tilted head, by reading books, etc., as soon as possible to bring their children to the hospital.

Degree of deepening, the original glasses have been unable to see,Acetate Eyeglasses if still continue to wear, it will lead to the above bad habits, so that myopia deepened faster.

Now the framework of the lens is mainly resin lenses, with a long time scratches and stripping, frames may also appear mirror legs, nose frame is not smooth, wearing the location of the problem is not appropriate.

Frames of the situation, sometimes because the angle is not particularly obvious, often easy to be ignored.

Frame skew, will lead to the lens of the optical center shift, that is, "prism effect." Ranging from eye discomfort, while there will be dizziness and other systemic symptoms.

Replace the glasses, be sure to re-optometry, according to the previous degree to buy glasses, not optometry directly in the shop to buy a pair of this approach is not desirable.

With glasses is a "big project", first of all to detect the eye refraction, interpupillary distance and other parameters, but also consider the visual function and other persistent and comfortable factors, professional doctors and then based on these data, select the most appropriate lens, frame and so on.

Review, on the one hand to see the health of the eyes, check the eyes of the refraction has not changed; the other side to check whether the lens and frame together. Not necessarily every time to check for glasses, mainly to see the role of glasses on the improvement of vision in order to timely adjustment.