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Jul 12, 2017

Light Acetate Eyeglasses : myopia Acetate Eyeglasses  should always wear it?

 First, fully believe that "do not often wear Acetate Eyeglasses , myopia will quickly deepen" the consequences of the theory every day, always wear myopia, really myopic level does not deepen it?

1, all those who often wear Acetate Eyeglasses  have become true myopia all people do not want their own myopia, do not want to change from pseudo-myopia to true myopia, but all the obedient children with Acetate Eyeglasses , insist on wearing every day, always wear , The results of all the people from pseudo-myopia into true myopia.

2,99% of myopia has been the degree of myopia often wear Acetate Eyeglasses  and myopia continue to increase all myopic people do not want to deepen their own myopia, so obedient children with Acetate Eyeglasses , fear of deepening myopia, adhere to Wear every day, always wear, very attention, but the results, I investigated tens of thousands of cases of myopia patients, 99% of all myopia continue to deepen. The above results are true, the case can be seen everywhere. This result makes me have to doubt the correctness of the original theory, although this theory has been a household name.

Second, what kind of people myopia Acetate Eyeglasses  should always wear? The following three categories of myopia Acetate Eyeglasses  should always wear

1, congenital myopia Most of the congenital myopia are organic disease, must be corrected with Acetate Eyeglasses , must wear every day

2, adult. Adult myopia As the eye has matured, myopia is basically no improvement may be, so Acetate Eyeglasses  should always wear, especially those who do close work, if you do not wear Acetate Eyeglasses , to see the object must be close, long past, easy to fatigue , Myopia will be deepened. So this kind of person's Acetate Eyeglasses  should always wear.

3, myopia, and wearing Acetate Eyeglasses  for more than 2 years of 14 years of age and young people 14 years after the development of the eye is basically over, if this time the degree of myopia, wearing Acetate Eyeglasses  as more than 2 years, certainly true myopia, True myopia in the field, the current level of medicine, no special treatment, do not often wear Acetate Eyeglasses  is difficult to cope with heavy learning.

There are many types of protective Acetate Eyeglasses , dustproof Acetate Eyeglasses , anti-shock Acetate Eyeglasses , anti-chemical Acetate Eyeglasses  and anti-radiation Acetate Eyeglasses , and so on. The first three Acetate Eyeglasses  look like lenses are colorless glass, but in fact due to different protective effects, the characteristics of the lens are significantly different.

Engaged in industrial production of workers, and some need to wear Acetate Eyeglasses , wearing this type of Acetate Eyeglasses  is not to decorate, fashionable, but to protect the eyes from harmful factors. Therefore, this type of Acetate Eyeglasses  called safety Acetate Eyeglasses .

Engaged in welding, gas welding, steelmaking, blowing glass workers should wear anti-arc radiation Acetate Eyeglasses . However, the anti-arc radiation Acetate Eyeglasses  lens color is deep and shallow, which is designed according to different requirements, the choice should be based on the strength of the arc when the operation and the appropriate choice. Arc light, the color should be deep; the other hand, should choose light-colored lenses. If the arc strong wearing light-colored protective mirror, part of the infrared light through the lens to stimulate and damage the eyes, long-term will suffer from occupational cataract; the other arc weak and long wearing dark safety Acetate Eyeglasses , will make a significant decline in vision.

Therefore, every need to wear protective goggles workers, should be aware of their operating environment, harmful factors, wear appropriate safety Acetate Eyeglasses , not a mess.

Dust-proof Acetate Eyeglasses  in the dust more environment to use, the general requirements of the lens fastness is not high, regardless of goggles or flat mirror, are made of ordinary flat glass lens production. And anti-shock Acetate Eyeglasses  are used to prevent flying out of small particles puncture eyes, the lens requirements impact resistance, such as lathe, scrub, playing mason should wear anti-shock Acetate Eyeglasses , if these workers wear general dust Acetate Eyeglasses , then Iron sand and gravel flying Acetate Eyeglasses  were crushed, the eyes will be more damage. Anti-chemical Acetate Eyeglasses  lenses acid and alkali, and corrosion, which is not available in other Acetate Eyeglasses .