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Four Steps To Choose High Quality Eyeglass Frames

Mar 28, 2018

1, style - see popular

With the personalization of consumer demand, the stylish functions of glasses have been paid more and more attention. The choice of style should be combined with the current popular colors and popular elements. At the same time, with reference to the corresponding style to determine what to buy frames of the material will be targeted.

2, color on - look at the depth

Put the glasses flat in front of the eye, observe the color of the temples under the same light intensity, whether there is any difference between the shades, and sometimes the color of the left and right temples will be asymmetric due to processing errors.

3, process - see the details

The craftsmanship is the guarantee of the quality of the frames, and whether the craft of a frame is fine is often reflected in the details.

(1) The metal frame near the welding point should pay more attention to see if there is any crack. Due to the thermal effect during welding, the stress structure of the material is changed, or the joint is prone to fracture when it is subjected to stress due to fatigue, fatigue, or the like.

(2) Whether the two temples are flat or not. Place the frame flat on the table and see if the contact points are free. If there is a situation where one side is high and one side is low, professionals must be required to adjust the temples so as to achieve a symmetrical balance between the upper and lower sides.

(3) The stifle of the frame should pay attention to whether the two sides are symmetrical and whether the fixed degree is safe.

(4) For metal frames, use a nail file to see if the paint surface will have scratches. On the frame of the plastic plate, carefully observe whether the surface has plastic particles and rough.

(5) Open the temples and feel elastic. Generally believed that the tighter the better the view is wrong, that screw lubrication is not enough, easy to cause damage to the temple, too loose is not good, may not screw tightening caused. The best degree of tightness.