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Metal Eyeglasses Durable, Wear-resistant, With Small, Exquisite

Oct 10, 2017

Metal Eyeglasses and plate glasses is currently popular with the two kinds of glasses materials, Metal Eyeglasses with small, exquisite features. Plate frame is due to durability, wear and other advantages of being sought after. However, if you do not pay attention in the process of the mirror, it is possible to buy the defective, processing technology of the Metal Eyeglasses and plate glasses are not sophisticated. So let's take a look at the following, how to determine whether the Metal Eyeglasses and plate glasses technology is sophisticated, quality is reliable.

First of all, the Metal Eyeglasses should pay attention to the spot is its solder joints, solder joints although small but can actually reflect the processing of Metal Eyeglasses process level. When you observe the solder joints, you should pay attention to whether there are cracks in the weld area. If there are cracks, then the spectacle frame mechanism can not handle the welding heat effect correctly and damage the structure of the metal material. At the same time also pay attention to the welding position is a virtual welding, material fatigue and other problems, if any, do not buy, or in future when used easily broken.

Second, when judging the quality of the plate glasses, it is suggested to see whether there are fine particles and other defects. Although this small flaw for the user's use will not have any adverse effect, but in general, the high quality processing of the sheet metal frame is not such a small flaw. After all, whoever spends money wants to buy a picture frame without a flaw.

Finally, whether it is Metal Eyeglasses or plate glasses, should look at their static push leveling situation, glasses can be placed on the level of the desktop, see the mirror legs and the contact point of the table there is no dangling position, if found one side of the high side low, then said the mirror leg asymmetry, but also glasses processing attitude is not rigorous, the process is not skillful performance.

In the pursuit of simplicity and supremacy of the contemporary, the pursuit of luxury in the hearts of uncles have never stopped. To this end, the designer will be fearless spirit incisively and vividly into the design of glasses and jewelry, simple and without losing luxury. In the season of the glasses jewelry, looking at the high-end atmosphere of the high-grade non-metallic framework.

Familiar with the way to wear the uncles know a set of perfect collocation, jewelry is essential to the existence of the metal frame just right to meet the needs of the uncles. With the neck, the wrist jewelry as shiny as the frame, even in the minimalist dress will appear luxurious extraordinary. Titanium alloy material in recent years in the processing of metal frame has a qualitative leap, the texture of metal material is the reason for the unique metal frame. Yet achieving this goal requires innovative revolutionary designs and ideas that require a more modern machine.