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Metal Eyeglasses Has A Certain Value And Practical Significance

Jun 21, 2017

A lot of white-collar workers, business people matching frame glasses, are more love Metal Eyeglasses. Of course, Metal Eyeglasses can not only reflect the temperament, but also play a very good purpose of correction. So, we buy Metal Eyeglasses, the need to pay attention to what the problem, in order to ensure that the purchase for our own?

Metal plus gold glasses frame sub-gold, gold-plated two.

Bao Jin in the glasses frame engraved with GF words, and package the amount of gold, it is a few pieces of thin gold welding in the basic material, rolling for the glasses frame material, and then made of spectacle frames. At present, this package of gold frames on the market is not much sales, and the price is quite expensive, but it has a certain value and practical significance.

Gold-plated glasses frame engraved with the words of GP, and marked with gold, it is the use of chemical plating method will be plated on the surface of the frame, the number of carved on the frame K, is expressed with how much K gold plated up, rather than Frame itself contains the number of K of gold, such as 14KGP, that is coated with a layer of 14K gold.

Identification of metal plus gold frames, it should be particularly careful.

The market has a galvanized frame posing as a galvanized frame. Plated frame and gold-plated frame compared to look dull and dull, and the use of two or three months later, the color is completely faded, while the yellow frame will not use a good material.

If you need to buy metal plus gold frames, do not be the number of frames on the frame by the number of K confused. In addition, the gold-plated mirror in the use of toxic gases do not contact, do not smoke, do not let the sweat left on the frame, to always wipe. If used properly, a pair of gold-plated frames for at least three years.

According to the provisions of the International Precious Metals meeting, gold and alloy weight ratio of 1/20 or more products with GF said. 1/20 The following products are represented by RGP (Rolled Gold Plate). In addition, the engraving method is also uniformly implemented, for example, 1/20 l2KGF, said the total weight of metal products and l2K gold weight of 20 to 1. For example, 1/20 12KGF glasses metal part of the weight of 20 grams, the gold content of 0.5 grams. For example, there are 40 / l000 l2KGF words of the gold frame, gold package average thickness of 4um.

Pure titanium frames: light, corrosion-resistant, does not cause skin allergies, more durable. Β titanium is actually a titanium alloy, in addition to the advantages of pure titanium frame, the material elasticity is much better than pure titanium, made of β titanium frame by a certain external pressure will automatically return to its original state. So some of the frame of the mirror legs or beams are made with β titanium, β titanium frame are generally more slim, so to make up with the titanium frame quality heavier shortcomings. These two materials are good frame, in the choice of time according to the style and other needs to choose their own.