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Metal Eyeglasses Improve And Protect Eyesight

Aug 11, 2017

1, myopia do not wear glasses harmful?

Myopia does not wear glasses, like a sick not injections, do not take medicine, the disease will increase the same degree will rise. Wearing glasses can not only improve and protect eyesight, but also easy to learn and live,Metal Eyeglasses it will not appear because of the people who are not mistaken for the situation is not polite; serious refractive error is not timely glasses may also cause oblique, Amblyopia;

2, how many degrees of myopia glasses better, slightly myopic glasses have to wear it?

Myopia more than 0.50 people can wear glasses. We advocate, look far away when wearing glasses with glasses, look close to the main wear glasses, so that not only can protect the eyes, but also can prevent or slow the occurrence and development of myopia, Metal Eyeglasses After going home to remover, maintenance, like, with different glasses, can give our eyes more care and protection.

3, what is astigmatism?

Is to see the distance objects are blurred, to see distant light or reflected light around the object with an aperture, severe cases even ghosting, deformation of the visual state. At the same time, we can use the astigmatism table to explain: In fact, the depth of each line of the lines are the same, you will feel different,Metal Eyeglasses that you have astigmatism; astigmatism is our eye refractive system some kind of Asymmetry.

4, how is the formation of astigmatism?

Astigmatism for many reasons, mainly genetic and 3 years old before the physical development, the eyes long fast, long eyelid slow, so that corneal growth and development caused by uneven, even when we close your eyes when sleeping, eyelid on the cornea pressure is not Evenly can cause astigmatism.

5, I have no astigmatism, how is there astigmatism now ah?

Our eyesight state of the human eye is constantly changing,Metal Eyeglasses as you did not dare to take today, is not able to guarantee that the future will not catch it? And that is, each shop optometry equipment and optometrists are not the same level, optometry results of course will be different, maybe you have astigmatism in the past, but did not check out Bale, but you can rest assured that even astigmatism It is no big deal, and myopia, old flowers, with the appropriate lens on the line.

6, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism which serious?

In fact, each person's eyes can not be the same, only after a professional refractive examination to determine; in theory, there is no difference between the three refractive states, any serious not good.

7, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism how to rule?

The best and safest way is to wear glasses. If the customer speaks of surgery, we generally emphasize the following points:

1) surgical treatment is traumatic, with a certain risk, and the basic lack of glasses;

2) most of the ophthalmic experts themselves are wearing glasses;

3) eye surgery from abroad, and most of the foreign eye surgery is not suitable for glasses, such as athletes, the entertainment industry, most people still choose to wear glasses, such as Bill Gates.

8, why my eyes a high one low?

Binocular vision is not equal in general is a normal phenomenon, you can not worry. There are many different reasons for the two eye degrees, for example, with the eye habits,Metal Eyeglasses reading the newspaper posture is not correct, etc., can make the eyes are not equal. If the difference between the eyesight is very large, you need to pay attention, you can go to a professional optical shop or hospital after careful examination to determine the cause. General students' eyes disparity in vision, mostly caused by anisometropia. Anisometropia can be prevented, but it is best before the age of 8, two eyes before the disparity of vision correction.

9, how can protect the eyes can make the same vision?

If the eyes are due to anisometropia caused by disparity in vision, it is best before the age of 8, not myopic time, wearing the appropriate glasses with the gradual elimination of anisometropia. But myopia after the best to maintain the status quo. Because we can not reduce the degree of high degree of eye, and do not want to increase the degree of low degree of eye.

10, what is called amblyopia?

Is the eye itself is not disease, due to poor development of the eye and other reasons, even after wearing glasses corrected vision is still below 0.8, we called amblyopia.

11, how is the formation of amblyopia?

Amblyopia is generally in the child after birth to three years before the visual development of the critical period, the external stimulus is not enough,Metal Eyeglasses resulting in the development of the eye can not keep up, resulting in amblyopia.

12, amblyopia is what the harm?

Children's amblyopia, if not early detection and treatment, will lead to monocular or binocular vision is low, seriously affect the binocular vision function, resulting in fusion disappeared, become three-dimensional blindness