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Metal Eyeglasses Texture Is Very Good

Jul 03, 2017

Metal Eyeglasses The pace of modern urban life to speed up, around us every 3 people about 1 myopia. With the right pair of glasses is really a crucial thing.

Frame selection

In addition to the appearance of good looks outside the frame and the comfort of wearing glasses and glasses have a great relationship between the durability, should also be taken seriously.

1. Now the main frame of the mainstream there are three main materials: tr, sheet metal, metal.

Tr is a new type of material, somewhat similar to plastic. It is characterized by light, and toughness is good. Wear for a long time will not feel discomfort. And rich in color,Metal Eyeglasses so popular with young people. It should be noted that, because we understand this material is not high, and glasses market quite a mixed bag, often some cheap plastic material frame posing tr.

The plate has been relatively mainstream, good plate frame cost is high, but the texture is very good. So many large-scale frame has been used plate. Good plate glasses look more upscale, suitable for business people.

Metal frames are more common, such as now very popular partial art of round frame glasses, and round frame glasses often use metal material. Titanium is also very light, relative to the tr, the choice of color may be less. These three are currently more mainstream, three have their own advantages. Choose to look at personal needs.

2. Eyewear is a standard optical products, like people's clothes and shoes, have their own size. Usually, the glasses inside the mirror legs, nose bridge or signs will be marked with the size of the size of the glasses parameters.

In general, the glasses will be marked on the mirror in the mirror width, bridge the width of the bridge, the length of the three legs of the data. For example,Metal Eyeglasses the medial side of the temple marked: 52 mouth 18-135, said the mirror width of 52mm, 18mm bridge width, temple length 135mm.

Different shapes and the shape of the frame?

Round face: suitable for elongated or square frame or pear frame

Square face: suitable for round glasses frames

Rectangular face: suitable for rectangular frames

Oval face: suitable for oval-shaped thin frame glasses

The choice of lens

Lens is a pair of glasses of the soul, the price of glasses, to a large extent depends on the quality of the lens, we need to choose a standard lens has a clear understanding.

1. The lens is mainly divided into glass, resin and PC three kinds of materials, glass lens refractive index is high, and relatively heavy; resin lens is the current mainstream, not fragile, affordable; PC lens lens lens is more light than the resin, Toughness, can be selected according to individual needs.

2. On the issue of the refractive index of the lens, some sales staff will mislead the customer, said the higher the refractive index of the lens the better the quality,Metal Eyeglasses the higher the price, in fact, the higher the refractive index, optical indicators may be worse.

3. The Abbe number of the lens reflects the image quality of the lens, the higher the Abbe number, the better the image quality, the general lens of the Abbe number between 30-60.

4. Now the lenses are coated, which is the major high-end brands opened the gap between the place, but also the most likely place for Bluff. In the coating of many functions,Metal Eyeglasses only anti-reflection and increase the permeability is necessary, the other can choose according to their own different functions.