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Metal Eyeglasses There Is A Strong, Lightweight, Beautiful, Good Shape

Nov 02, 2017

We all know that the current spectacle frame has a lot of material, metal, sheet, wood, tr90 and so on, there are a lot of unused material, and then metal frames can be broken down into many types, Titanium, alloy, etc., today for everyone to introduce the characteristics of various metals and their respective nature.

Metal Eyeglasses are now more common in a kind of glasses, the number of grades to the upper, but also people prefer a species. Metal frames have a good elasticity, but also easy to deformation. Some alloys such as titanium alloy frames, nickel alloy made of metal frames with corrosion-resistant, difficult to rust characteristics. Metal frames in the weight is also relatively light, and generally not easy to damage. Different metal materials, have their own advantages. The production of metal glasses, then also pay attention to hardness, flexibility, flexibility, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, shiny and good color and so on, so the metal used to make glasses frames are almost alloy or metal Surface treatment after use.

Metal frame is divided into many kinds, the current market generally have copper alloy, nickel alloy and precious metals these categories. Copper alloy frames are mainly brass, bronze, zinc and white copper these types, due to its poor corrosion resistance, easy to raw copper green, easy to rust, easy deformation, low cost, easy processing, commonly used in low-end frames, Is the lowest price of a. Nickel alloy corrosion resistance is better, and not easy to rust, mechanical strength is better than copper alloy, so the metal frame with nickel alloy materials accounted for the majority, generally used in high-end frame. There are three kinds of nickel alloy: Monel alloy (nickel-copper alloy), non-chromium, strength, elasticity, corrosion resistance and welding tensile strength are very good, generally used for mid-range frames; high nickel alloy (nickel-chromium alloy Stainless steel frame, flexible, good corrosion resistance, but the strength is poor, welding and processing difficult, it is also generally used in the same, but also for the use of high-grade frame, Medium and high frame. Precious metal materials to titanium-based, pure titanium is a silver-white metal, light weight is its greatest feature, and has a high strength, corrosion resistance and good plasticity, and more for aerospace materials, Titanium alloys in the frame material are titanium aluminum, titanium vanadium and titanium zirconium, etc., its elasticity is better than pure titanium, but not as pure titanium frame, pure titanium and titanium are used for high-grade frames Material, the general representation of the titanium frame is Ti-P or TITAN, which indicates that the other parts are made of titanium, except that the nose stent, hinge and screw are made, and the Ti-C symbol indicates that part of the frame is made of Made of titanium. Other precious metal frames are gold and gold alloy, platinum, platinum and platinum alloy and gold, etc., are high-grade frame materials, the price is higher. Non-metallic materials mainly use synthetic resin

Metal spectacle frame has a strong, lightweight, beautiful, good shape, metal frame basically have nose care and nose care is the side of the activities can adapt to a variety of nose. The end of the mirror due to put on plastic sets, beautiful and protect the skin.