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Metal Eyeglasses With Beauty, Decorative

Jul 12, 2017

From the function of the lens, it has the ability to adjust the amount of light into the eyes, increase vision, protect eye safety and clinical treatment of eye disease. Excessive refractive errors caused by children with strabismus and headache with refractive abnormalities in patients with Metal Eyeglasses can be treated after treatment. The function of the spectacle frame, in addition to the composition of the Metal Eyeglasses supporting the Metal Eyeglasses on the human eye to play the role of stent, it also has a beauty, decorative. Modern pop stars stressed that Metal Eyeglasses should be with the times the face of makeup and dress harmony, reflecting the social class high, elegant knowledge, fashion and so on.

With the rapid development of social technology, with the people's culture, living standards continue to improve, visual health work carried out, Metal Eyeglasses in people's lives will play an important role in the field. "Experts said that the mirror for many people can be considered" just need ", so they will not give up some of the speech on the surgery, on the contrary, will spend more energy to study, to find a solution. But Mr. Cai Ruifang "sealed knife" message gave him a blow, Mr. Sun has been concerned about the development of things until Cai Ruifang himself later explained "was misunderstood, do not continue to do LASIK is not Because LASIK is considered to be potentially dangerous or problematic, but there are other considerations. LASIK is the most safe and effective myopia surgery, can be very accurate correction of the degree of myopia, Mr. Sun is more determined to their own determination.

Metal Eyeglasses are lenticular lenses embedded in the frame, worn in front of the eyes to improve vision, protect the eyes or for decorative purposes. There are also special Metal Eyeglasses for viewing 3D stereoscopic images or virtual real images.

Metal Eyeglasses can correct a variety of vision problems, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia or strabismus and so on. Other types of Metal Eyeglasses include goggles, sunMetal Eyeglasses, swimming goggles, etc., for the eyes to provide a variety of protection.

Modern Metal Eyeglasses, usually in the middle of the lens with nose pads (nose beam), and in the left and right arms on the ear position with a cushion.

Beauty or not accustomed to wearing Metal Eyeglasses, you can choose to correct vision with contact lenses. Although contact lenses and laser surgery more and more popular, but the Metal Eyeglasses are still the most common correction of vision tools.