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Myopia MM Wear Glasses As Soon As Possible! To Prevent Wrinkles

Feb 15, 2017

The natural enemies of the wrinkles are beautiful, eye wrinkles is most likely to be hit. Glasses, this situation is more serious than normal, need for early prevention.
First, the near-sighted mm wear glasses as soon as possible. Otherwise, in order to see it clearly, often involuntarily squinting the eyes, as well as frowning, it is easy to cause eye lines vertical lines.
Myopic MM not in strong sunlight or light with the eyes, thus involuntarily squinting eyes. In addition, try to choose a lightweight material, exquisite frame, weight reduction of pressure on the skin.
Lens MM should also pay attention to! Daily wear contact lenses, and pick the process, need to open the upper and lower eyelids, over time, can cause drooping upper eyelid slack skin, wrinkles around the eye.