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How To Choose Lenses For My Spectcale?

Jul 31, 2018

(1) completely different lenses ar needed for various use.

A. If you're employed face visual display unit and in different radiation setting, we advise to decide on sturdy opposing radiation, EMI lenses; If you regularly within the meeting or before of the camera, you'll be able to opt for opposing reflection coating lens and color coated lens, to scale back the reflection and increase the trust of the individuals you face to.

B. If you're perpetually work outside, we advise to decide on anti-UV coloured lenses, admire tinted lenses, photochromic lenses,polarized lenses etc.,and grey & brown color is healthier enough; for surf riding and driving, higher to decide on the polarized lenses.It will effectively waterproof surface and pavement and reflection of the headlight; For athletics on snow field, tinted lenses and polarized lenses with anti-reflecting coating are the most effective selection for you, which may stop ultraviolet and snow mirrored light; If you decide on lenses for sporter and youngsters, safe ought to be the primary issue. we tend to powerfully suggest laborious lenses, that has wonderful impact resistance performance.

(2)Choose lenses in step with the degree.

A. at intervals three hundred degree a way to choose?

Depending on the strength at intervals three hundred degrees, you'll be able to opt for lens ratio at one.5, as a result of the degree isn't deep, if frame acceptable, lens isn't thick, lighter in weight.

B. a way to opt for the 300-500 degrees?

Depending on the strength in 300-500 ,you'd higher opt for the lens ratio between one.56-1.59, the load is appropriate, and look is sweet. C.More than five hundred degrees a way to choose?

Depending on the strength in over five hundred degrees of glasses, you'd higher opt for lens ratio on top of one.60, for advanced degree, the upper the ratio of the lens, the agent the lens' thickness, and lightweight in weight.

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