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Sunglasses The Best Resistance To Ultraviolet Light

Nov 02, 2017

Whether it is summer or winter, must remember to go out wearing a sunglasses. The air contains ultraviolet light, and UV damage to the eyes is over time. Do not you see, living in the northwest of China with easy to suffer from cataracts,  Therewhich is the harm of ultraviolet light on the eyes. Long-distance driving, but also with sunglasses, dazzling light also known as glare will affect the driver's line of sight or even harm. How to choose a good sunglasses? are many brands of sunglasses on the market, what brand of sunglasses in the end? This question is not a good answer. I teach you how to choose their own sunglasses it!

First of all, according to their own use to select the category. For example, you are going to drive or travel, fishing, in short, is more complicated in the use of light. Then you choose polarized sunglasses. This sunglasses lens is special, you can filter the air in the harmful light and glare. But the polar lens lens color will generally be deeper, there is no fashion in the following I say another good glasses But there will be no combination of functional and fashion glasses brand. For example, the first picture below. If you just usually wear shopping, there is a need for fashion with your clothing, set off face, then choose the sun mirror. There is no anti-glare function of the sunset, but the same can prevent ultraviolet light, and the lens fashion beautiful.

Second, according to their face color selection. To determine the required categories, the following to pick style. Sunglasses and face with the following types:

Round face: suitable for slightly thick frame, the lens color is cold, darker glasses, "tight" face visual effects. Too brilliant yellow, red lenses or frame lines slender soft sunglasses, will face up more embarrassing.

Small face: suitable for wearing a thin frame or frameless glasses choose elegant blue, purple, light brown and other lens colors, there will be unexpected results.

Long face type: should choose a flat round or curved mirror, slightly thick mirror to reduce the long face of the slender sense. Slender face is generally more bones, choose feminine some pink or wine red lens, can increase the brightness of the face.

Square face: should choose a narrow width, the framework of four corners of the sunglasses, too large and too side of the frame will only make the face more square, the lens color to a stable brown better.

Apricot face: suitable for the use of lighter lens color, fine metal frame or frameless glasses to reduce the weight of the top of the face, so as not to have the upper half of the face more sense of expansion.

Inverted triangle: should use the frame thicker, darker, slightly wider width of the glasses to adjust the proportion of the upper and lower, the visual sense of coordination.

Then we must match the color. Sunglasses color is very particular about different colors of the lens is often a different use, you can choose according to their own needs. But the gray and brown sunglasses against the best anti-ultraviolet role.

After choosing the appropriate sunglasses material. Sunglasses material includes two parts, the material of the frame and the material of the lens. The following are introduced separately.

1, frame material

General sunglasses frames are nothing more than the following: plastic, metal. Plastic inside the famous plate and TR90, made of cotton and wood plate, plate quality depends on its color and cotton content. TR90 has a high elasticity of memory, excellent toughness. Brand is also on the frame to play, full of artistic flavor of the LOGO almost become part of the product. Metal titanium alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy and other alloys.

2, lens material

Currently on the market the most common lens material is glass and resin two, glass lenses due to fragile, heavy and other shortcomings, has been phased out. Compared with glass, resin lenses have the following advantages: not broken, light weight, and high light transmittance. High-quality lens inspection indicators are: shock, anti-scratch, the use of high-tech coloring technology, light, anti-UV, a clear eye-catching appearance.