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Type Of Cellulose Acetate Spectacle Frame

Feb 15, 2017

1. the glasses acetate fiber plate for milling, machining, sheet metal frame.
Plate rack with nonflammable, specific gravity, base curve is not affected by UV exposure and color characteristics. In addition, the large hardness, gloss and durability, but not easy to bake process, temperature 115-130 degrees. Style is beautiful after wearing easy deformation. Plate rack on the market today fusion plate thickness, and metal, combining different types of lenses, to create a fashionable and stylish. Frame type not only retro-also popular styles, blending various elements, to create a classic glass boxes. Its work through complex processes such as cutting, grinding, polishing and more upscale.
2. injection molding machine for cellulose acetate granules extruding, injection molded frame.
Characterized by saving raw materials, can be mass produced, low cost, prices cheaper than sheet. But strong sheet. But the part because of its light weight, easy to allergy, many elderly, children's glasses are loved by children. Injection molded frame with laminated plastic. The thin layer of plastic pastes in one color and the other made of a thick layer of plastic. Thick material is transparent (or light) colors. Also use three or more layers of plastics production.